Friday, April 5, 2013

Christmas time


For Christmas this year, we had so much fun spending time with family!  My brother Drew and his family were here visiting from Oklahoma and then all of the Brown's that live in Arizona enjoyed spending time together.  Spencer did wrestling for the first time this year -- he got three red ribbons, but I was proud of him for trying.  We enjoyed visiting and fireworks and just enjoying the Christmas season and thinking about the true meaning of Christmas. 
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2nd Quarter


True to form, Ryan had another Battle on the last day of 2nd Quarter.  He did well, and was glad to have his friend's there this time.  I was blown away by these kids and how bright they are.  Spencer got off the bus on the last day as a reindeer -- his said Captain Osum.  Love
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Art Show


The boys school had an art show and my boys and I went to view their art.  I love these boys! 
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Look Who Is EIGHT


I can't believe my baby is EIGHT!!  He can't really be that old. . .but he is!  The week that Spencer turned eight, Jake and I got sick.  Really sick.  We both probably had bronchitis, and Jake ended up with diagnosed bronchitis, an ear infection and bladder infection.  The day Spencer was baptized, Jake was barely able to be obedient.  I was better, but still sick. 
We went to Red Robin, and had an ice cream cake to celebrate Spencer's birthday, per his request.  On his baptism, we were thrilled to have friends and family come to celebrate this milestone.  Love my Spencer boy!
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Projects and a Talented Brother in Law


This fall, I got busy.  I made TWO quilts for Christmas, (actually three but one was for someone else) -- one was for my Sister-in-law and brother -- they had  a new baby and I had told them I would make a quilt for them, but they elected to have a Christmas quilt done.  I also made my Christmas quilt that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  My super talented Brother in law painted the amazing Salt Lake temple that we ended up having him paint one for us of the Manti temple. 
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Halloween was a last minute thing at our house this year.  Jake had a plan to make a parking lot for brooms, he was super busy at work and got it put up the Saturday before, but he did it, and it looked Awesome!  The kids costumes, was let's say, nothing to write home with. . .Jacob decided to be just woken up, and Ryan was a reporter, and Spencer was a FBI officer for a second time.  I love decorating for Halloween and never remember what I have -- I almost bought somehting I already owned, so thus pictures.  Fun, fun times!
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The Saturday of Fall Break found the DeGraffenried's on an airplane early that morning, bound for FLORIDA!!!  We took the opportunity to go and visit Jake's parents that are assisting in the building of the Fort Lauderdale temple.  So, of course we had to go and visit!  We decided while we were there, we needed to go and visit Disneyworld, and were thrilled that Jake's parents were game in coming with us!  We had a blast!  It was crazy to see the different things Disneyland/Disneyworld.  The boys loved, loved, loved everything except getting up to goto Disneyworld (think 3 hours earlier than home!)  But, we enjoyed the trip.  It was fun to have kids old enough to go on all of the rides and the boys enjoying the adventurous, hang on by the skin of your teeth rides (mom's favorites).  They even liked some rowdier ones.  There were even a few -- probably one that I wouldn't go on again -- it was a rollercoaster -- Rockin Rollercoaster, but otherwise the entire family mostly enjoyed it all. 
I think the boys favorite was Splash Mountain and Thundermountain at the Magic Kingdom, at Hollywood Studios they loved like rode it 100 times, Star Tours, and they liked Rockin Rollercoaster.  The Wild Kingdom they liked Journey to Mt. Killamajaro -- funny about this one, Ryan was super nervous about this one, because they went backwards, but ended up loving it!  They also loved the Wild Rapid Ride and the Safari.  We also went to Epcot and did the Soarin ride after waiting 45 minutes to find that it was Soarin over California -- Jake loved this ride and his parents were impressed.  It was fun to have Jake's parents as they really showed us a different side of them on that trip!  
After spending several days at Disneyworld, we went back to Ft Lauderdale, and saw the beautiful, magnificent temple -- too bad it rained and poured while we were there -- we only have a picture of the boys in front of the picture of the temple in the trailer, but the temple had the Angel Moroni placed the following week.  As soon as we left the temple, it quit raining and we went on a boat tour of the Everglades and got to see some Alligators.  Crazy!  We also took the opportunity to soak our feet in the Atlantic Ocean.  We got there right at dusk, and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!  We left the following Saturday and wished that Florida wasn't so far away! 
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